Don’t Be A Wimpy

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Popeye! You might even say he is my role model. He is one of those cultural icons from my childhood that has been with me my entire life’s journey. It is strange but true. And oddly enough — I dig it.

But this article is not about Popeye, but the anti-Popeye. The reverse Popeye is not Brutus or Bluto. It is Wimpy. The lazy, parasitic, hamburger-loving foil to my hero. The one and only J. Wellington Wimpy is today’s topic. He is the shifty and even clever lover of the meat-on-a-bun variety. Wimpy is a man looking for pleasure with no sacrifice. He searches the free world looking for the last remaining free burger.

The comic strip below is so topical of not only Wimpy but also all of us, even me, when we fall into the Tao of the Wimpy. We know our problems and we know our situations, but we gladly ignore them. We are blissful in our lack of effort.

Let’s not be a Wimpy. Let’s seize the day. Let’s be the best “us” we can be. Let’s change our lifestyles, workout, and get ready to Rock and Roll. We owe it ourselves. So, open that can of spinach and kick some a$$!!!!!!!!!

Joseph St. John