As many of you have known over the years, I have enjoyed working out. It has been a great hobby of mine. It gives me great satisfaction and has been a boundless source of enjoyment.


 But, what many of you don’t know is that a few years ago I really wanted to get involved in training. I went as far as getting my ISSA Personal Trainer certificate. It was an intense process, but, unfortunately, life happened, and I had to move in another direction. I always regretted that situation and have never forgotten my passion.


My hope was to work with people to help them get back in shape. I have had my struggle with weight and it has been a lifetime battle. If you have only known me for the last 11 years, you would not know I once weighed 300 lbs.! And, trust me, it was not muscle.


Losing weight is a brutal process. Getting into shape is a tough process. But it is not an impossible process. Working together with people who care can make all the difference in the world. It is not just about diet. It is not just about exercise.  It is a completely different way of thinking. It is really rethinking your life.


As I enter 2020, I am going to rekindle my passion of service. I want to reach out and help those who want to grab hold of their health and their life. It starts with diet but it is a complete process. It really is mind, body, and soul.


There are no shortcuts, just hard work and dedication.I hope to put a team together over the next few weeks and, hopefully, we will

be able to help as many people as possible. 


I want to invite each of you on my journey! It will be a wonderful time!