Your Workout Should Be Sacred

Okay, I know that sounds crazy and even extreme and maybe even over the top.  But I am trying to make a point.  Anything worth doing is worth doing seriously. Your workout, your diet, and your life should be your number one priority.

Not for any overtly selfish reason, but for your family, your loved ones, and yes, even your job. Without your health and well-being, all these things will suffer. You are the apex of your life and many people depend on you.

Sometimes, stress is what knocks you off your game plan.  The burden of your day-to-day responsibilities can be overwhelming and, at times, scary. It is often hard to find 20 or 30 minutes to take care of yourself. Getting to the gym or doing a personal workout can seem like a monumental task.  

Years ago, when I was on the police department and dealing with family issues and my job situation, I forgot to take care of myself. Before I knew it, I weighed almost 300 lbs. and I felt like I could not move.

It is – and was – often difficult to admit that the work stress was killing me. In the world of police work, it was often tough to admit to anyone that you are overwhelmed. Police officers wear their stoic appearance like a badge of honor. Being hard-core is often demanded and always expected.   Unfortunately, it was also robbing me of my life and joy.

From that time forward, I understood I had to make time for me. I had to take care of myself and unselfishly put myself first sometimes. Like most people, this was hard to do. To be honest, I felt bad about it. For some reason, I felt I was cheating the people around me and even my job. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

The good part is, I got over it. I began to understand the importance of doing what I needed to do. I opened my mind back up. I thought of things other than police work and got myself focused.

It is still something I must work on every day. It requires a conscious effort, and it is still easy to get lost in daily distractions. It is sometimes necessary to put yourself last, but it is never right. 

The best part of this situation is that there in not just one approach to fitness. I encourage everyone to go to the gym (if they are opened), workout at home, or use yours truly as your fitness instructor. 

But there are other ways to make time for you and your health and fitness.

The website WELLBEING gives great examples:

  • Step 1: Remind yourself why you want to exercise
  • Step 2: Walk
  • Step 3: Run
  • Step 4: Swim
  • Step 5: Dance
  • Step 6: Cycle
  • Step 7: Lift weights (My Favorite)
  • Step 8: Try Pilates
  • Step 9: Learn a martial art
  • Step 10: Try yoga

All of these are great ideas. Pick any of them and you can’t lose.  The most important thing is to do it! Take care of yourself.  Be the best you can be and live life to its fullest!!!!

Never stop trying to make the most of your life. Take the time to feel the sunshine and embrace the challenges you face every day!