My Story: I Finally Hit Bottom by Sarah Northwood

I have had my struggles with my weight most of my life, but five years ago I had a health crisis. I have six children, hypothyroidism, and I was postmenopausal. I knew I had to find a predictable way to lose weight when my endocrinologist told me I was diabetic. Because I was facing foot surgery, I knew I couldn’t exercise my way to my healthy BMI, so my doctor referred me to the nutritionist at the hospital. She told me that I needed to begin eating six small meals a day- something high-protein low-carb. I felt so overwhelmed that I cried.

As a busy homeschool mom, I felt challenged by preparing even one meal a day, much less SIX! Soon after, my physical therapist told me she was a health coach and she was certain she could help me. After eight months with her encouragement to learn and install the habits of health, I was able to lose 60 pounds! My blood sugar was in the normal range, and I lowered my cholesterol by 100 points.

I never want to go back! My life is so much better now.

I have lots of energy, which I’m thankful for when I am running after my little grandchildren! Now I can run after them instead of watching them from my chair. I have more energy, more peace of mind, and more confidence. So many of my family and friends saw the difference in my life. They said, “What’s your secret?” so I decided to become a health coach so that I could share this hope and health with everyone who is ready to begin to not only achieve and maintain a healthy BMI, but to achieve lifelong transformation one healthy habit at a time. I really had no idea how lucrative it could be to work at this job, organizing my life around what matters most. I’ve gained victory and I can walk alongside you while you do too!

Perhaps my story is resonating with you or you know someone that would benefit from better body, better mind or better finances. Reach out to me at my email address,, text me 443-417-8384, or message me through Facebook to set up your free health assessment or feel free to forward this to someone who comes to mind.