The Other 1% Makes Us Great

Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash

Scientists say that we share 99% of our Human DNA with primates. This sounds incredible when you consider the fact that only one percent of our DNA, as humans, is unique, but I have to say it must be a hell of a percentage point. It is the difference between eating bugs and exploring the universe. It is the distinction of critical thought and exploration that has driven the human condition.

Humans want to explore, investigate, and even conquer what is in front of us. And, regardless of your personal feeling about that statement, it is a fact. Humans are designed intellectually for examination and conquest. If we were not, we would all be trying to find our Internet connection from a cave. Sometimes facts are uncomfortable.

As I pondered this situation, I began to wonder if this is still the case. What separates the successful from those who settle for less? What makes one person with less education, less start-up capital, and less obvious class status outperform someone with more advantages? We see it everyday. Some folks will be successful and other will fail. And it’s not always who you think that will win the game.

So, I must ask, what was the advantage? Were they better looking, smarter, richer? Luckier? I think that if you look, you will see that those who are really successful and whose success was not given to them have used their unique 1% to their fullest advantage. They have taken their drive and their desire to explore to the next level. They have asked themselves to be better than what is acceptable. They pushed their personal limits.

They define what is successful on their own terms.  Let me repeat that – they define what is successful on their own terms. They do not allow others to define their success or ambitions. They are risk takers and, sometimes risk takers fail. And the vast majority of people who were too afraid to try will be glad others failed because it will make them secure in their decision to refrain from doing anything risky. Sad, Sad, Sad.

So, now you have to ask yourself, what are you doing to reach your maximum potential and your personal desires? Are you settling? Are you the person you want to be? Tough questions.

The article, 9 habits of highly successful people, from a man who spent 5 years studying them, provides great examples.  But remember, success is not always measured in terms of money.  First, you must define what success is to you.

Here are nine things all of us should be doing:

  • Get up early 
  • Read, a lot 
  • Spend 15 to 30 minutes each day on focused thinking.
  • Make exercise a priority 
  • Spend time with people who inspire you
  • Pursue your own goals
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have multiple sources of income (if money is your desire)
  • Avoid time-wasters

 And I am going to add a number 10: Avoid Negative People!

Negative people are the Devil. They are there to be destroyers and kill all that is good. As Mommy use to say, “Avoid these people like the plague.” They have no good in them and their criticism should be taken with little regard. Even if there is some truth in their comments, they are still based on hate, fear, deceit, and them being a crappy person. Get them out of your life. If you cannot share your dreams and goals with someone, there is no need to be around them. They are killers of dreams and should be removed from your life like the weekly trash.

Each day, get up early and ask yourself what you are going to do today to be the person you want to be. How are your going to use your 1%, your personal superpower, to be what you want to be. Then, do it.  Do it unashamedly. Do it unapologetically. Do it gladly but do it well. You deserve it.

You owe no one an explanation for wanting to be your best self. They can call it selfishness, but you should call it living, living to your fullest. Not everyone will accept you being happy and driven, but who cares? Go for it!

Focus on your goals and move toward them. Do the extra work and get motivated for you and only you.  You are in control of your life. And…today is the day for your new beginning.

Joseph St John