Are there actual health benefits to self-defense training by Jon Benton

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Nothing is more empowering than to be able to protect yourself when confronted with a dangerous situation. It is definitely a boost to your self-esteem if you are able to handle that situation which has the potential to be harmful or to hurt you physically or mentally. One of the best ways to prepare yourself is to take a self-defense training course.

Along with the benefit of being able to protect yourself, these self-defense training courses offer the potential of many other benefits as well. They also can be very beneficial to your overall health. We have identified many health benefits that can come to you by participating in self-defense classes.

4 healthy benefits of taking a self-defense class

There are many ways to improve yourself and one of the best ways is to become healthier. According to many self-help experts, self-defense training is a way to cover both of those bases. We have included several of the health benefits that can be derived from taking a self-defense training course. The amount of benefits that you may derive from the training will depend heavily on the specific self-defense course that you choose.

Health Benefits

Toning of your muscles – Be aware that you will be doing quite a bit of physical activity when taking a self-defense class. You will likely be toning muscles that you never knew existed. Always remember to do a good warm-up before you start to do any of the techniques you are going to be learning. This will help to minimize potential injuries to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The more you continue with the self-defense classes the more you will notice the muscle toning and increased strength you gain.

Improvements to balance – Balance is very important to self-defense and the ability to keep control of your body is crucial. As you continue to learn and practice the techniques you will be taught, the better your overall balance will become. You will likely notice an improvement in both your physical and mental balance as you go along. Self-defense training does encompass both physical and mental aspects of your body.

Build up your reflexes – How you react instinctively during an emergency can be the difference between life and death or serious bodily harm. This is one of the keys to many self-defense training courses. The instructor helps you to train your muscles and brain to react to many stressful situations. The goal is to improve your muscle memory so that reactions are much more instinctive.

Reduces stress – Stress has been linked to a number of very serious illnesses such as heart disease. One of the worst things that can happen is that you are not able to release the stress that is built up throughout your busy day. Since a big part of self-defense training courses involves striking exercise dummies and punching bags, this makes it a great way to release this pent-up stress. So, with that, you get the benefit of learning to protect yourself and reduce the building up of stress at the same time.

Some additional reasons to take a self-defense class

Along with the aforementioned physical benefits of taking self-defense training, there are also several psychological benefits. We have included several of them below that can be attributed to taking part in self-defense training.

Boosts your self-confidence – As you learn how to take care of yourself when potential danger occurs, the more self-confident you become. The increased confidence can spill over into other aspects of your life. You can use this newfound confidence in your job to ask for that raise you have been needing. It can also help you to face other challenges that you were previously too afraid to take on.

Improvements to self-discipline – Self-discipline is one thing that many people struggle with and it tends to be a reason why people find themselves overweight. Another aspect of self-defense training is to help you work on your self-discipline. It is necessary to have a good amount of self-discipline in order to stick to a specific training regime. Being motivated to continue the training is an important part of self-defense training courses.

Builds self-awareness – Being aware of your surroundings is the best way to stay safe. Following your intuition is important and self-defense training courses will help you to understand this. Not only will you learn how to physically protect yourself when a dangerous situation arises, but it will also help you to become much more aware of the things to watch out for.

It gives you a better sense of security – Everyone wants to feel secure in their surroundings. One of the best ways to have that kind of sense of security is to know that you have the ability to protect yourself and your family. Taking a self-defense training course can easily give you all of the skills that you will need to be able to defend yourself and your family in the event a dangerous situation presents itself.

Final Thoughts

All you have to do is watch the news and you will see that we live in very dangerous times. Even in the smallest of towns, there appears to be a major uptick in the incidents of violent crime all over the country. One of the best ways to be able to protect yourself is to learn how to defend yourself against an attacker.

There are all kinds of self-defense courses being offered these days and all you have to do is look. There are many benefits to taking a course including your physical and psychological health. If you are looking to make some improvements in your life, you might want to begin by taking a self-defense training course from a local organization that specializes in this type of instruction.

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